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Holly's Hope Cat Rescue

Holly's Hope is a local, small, caring nonprofit cat and kitten rescue operating in London, Ontario. We help abandoned, abused,stray and orphaned kittens and cats find forever homes.Our emphasis is on pulling cats  from local shelters that were found on the streets, abandoned or forgotten. At the shelter they stay for a mandatory holding period to allow them to be claimed if previously owned . Their pictures are posted & advertised & every endeavour is made to find its original owner. Most of these cats never had owners & had to fend for themselves. We do NOT take "owner surrenders" . In the  years we've been operating, we've rescued & placed more than 800 cats. All of our cats and kittens get socialization, vaccinations, veterinary care, deworming and flea treatment before they are adopted. Adolescent cats are Spayed/Neutered & Vaccinated with Rabies Booster.  Please set up a “meet and greet” to see if one of our cats or kittens is right for your home. If you are interested, complete the online application and you will be on the road to welcoming a new member into your family.

About Holly

Holly is probably the loveliest cat that we have ever known. She is so special,that we named our rescue after her. We found her in the middle of winter huddled up with her kittens in a cold barn. She was starving and dehydrated but still attempting to keep her kittens warm and fed. I have never met a more sweet cat and wonderful mother. Holly and her kittens have long been adopted but we continue to rescue cats and kittens daily with the hope they  will find wonderful homes and families also .






Here are photos of all of the kitties Holly's Hope has helped. 

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