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Special Cats

There's something about Merry

Meet Merry, a kitty you can't help but fall in love with. She was found outside alone, cold, abandoned and nearly dead from anemia. Merry was only about 5lbs when found and was covered in fleas. She is a long haired cat who needed to be shaved. The saddest thing about Merry's story were her paws. When she was found they were covered in open sores she could barely walk. To this day several months after her resuce she still struggles to get around. Merry was someones pet who ended up abandoned and alone. She loves people and loves even more to be wrapped in a sweater. Not many cats love to wear clothing but not Merry she feels warm and safe and just purrs purrs when she is weaing a shirt. Merry is an older kitty but has such an amzing personality, she is very sweet and gentle and loves attention. Her most beautiful feature is her eyes. Holly's Hope will make sure Merry will live a happy healthy life and ideally will be adopted into a loving forever home of her own. If you would like to help us support Merry and her care you can click here. we will keep you updated on Merry here and on our facebook page.


Stanley UPDATE!

Stanley is still in the care of Holly's hope and while he is eating and gaining weight it's happening very slowly. He still needs extra special care and attention and recieves all this and more from his loving foster home. We will continue to support Stanley's needs and will keep you updated with his progress. We are still accepting donations to assist with Stanley's care you can click here to donate.


Stoic Stanley

At Holly's Hope we believe every kitty ,no matter how old or how sick, deserves the best care and best chance of finding a forever home. Meet Stanley, he was left behing by a cottager in Port Stanley to fend for himself. Sadly for Stanley he was old, weak and sick when he was abandoned.

He  crawled up to a neighbouring rental cottage & collapsed on the porch because he was slowing starving to death & too weak to stand. Stanley weighs only 4lbs but based on his size should weigh over 14lbs. He is 10+ years old and has been neutered but even after a few days of care he is still barely even able to stand.

Stanley needs very expensive medication and a special diet right now. He is in foster care receiving lots of love. Holly's Hope is commited to Stanley but we are asking for donations to aid in helping him. Our Heros page has always been set aside for very special kitties and seeing poor Stanley tossed out by the people who were supposed to  care for him in his golden years breaks our heart. 

If you would like to assist in Stanley's care please click here to donate. Other ways you can help include sharing Stanley's story on facebook or twitter. We will update Stanley's story here so make sure to check back for updates on how he is doing.


Momma Calli UPDATE!

It was nine months ago that Calli came into foster care, pregnant with her babies. She made it through some difficult days and is now healthy. She has gained weight and still mothers all the babies that pass through the kitten room.Update: Calli has been adopted & living the good life as an only princess.


Calli was found abandoned in an empty apartment and after picking her up taking her to the vet it was found she was pregnant. Since then she has had four healthy kittens who she loves dearly. They are now two weeks old. Sadly on August 2, 2012 around 3pm we found Calli laying almost lifeless on the floor and in pain. She had also vomited so we rushed her to the vet but she had such a high fever and was so far gone ,we had to rush her to vet emerg. The first night away from her kittens Calli was in distress she missed them so we brought them to be with her. Through x-rays and scans a morphine drip and a four inch insicion from surgery to find out what was causing her pain she never left their side. The vet emergency staff were amazed they could not believe her dedication to her kittens. The vet said she would close to death at a 36 degree fever and that she is already a miracle. I think she's alive because she loved her babies so much. We have had lots of mom's and babies at Holly's Hope but we have never had a mom as dedicated as her. We will go to any length to save her so she is there for her kittens.


Holly's Hope is very thankful to all of our generous donors for Momma Calli's care.

Thanks to:
Karissa and Klemarow and fur kids Meiko and Scooby (Holly's Hope babies) for donating to support Momma Calli
Laurie Nickolson and her kitties Khloe and Sozo who donated for Momma Calli
Lynn Thompson donated to help Calli
Kimberly Rix Donated to Calli in loving memory of Tipper, Baloo and Midnight
Linda Degregory who donated to Calli in memory of her beloved cat Mittens
Mary and Frank Dobias who donated to Calli out of gratituted for Siken who they adopted from Holly's Hope and her BFF Zoe
Teresa Haneline from Fort Wayne who donated to Calli in loving memory of Lucky
Jane Johnson and her two kitties Lily and Lucy who donated to Calli




Hogan was adopted by his miracle worker foster mom Emily. He's still a tiny boy and has lost almost all of his vision but continues to be a delight. He has constant battles with upper respiratory, eye and ear infections but tolerates treatments as daily routine. We appreciate all of the support we received for him.



This wee Himalayan cross baby came into care with Holly's Hope Cat RescueHe was very tiny & very weak & we didn’t think he would survive but has proven courageous and determined in his will to live.  Hogan is a sweet 4-5 wk old little boy who deserves a chance. He was unable to nurse properly due to nasal congestion, so his growth was stunted. He’s only the size of a 2 week old baby. Our Vet said he should catch up now that he is getting regular feeding and medical care. He is also suffering from a severe eye infection which has cost him his sight and may result in him having one or both eyes removed. 



Hogan's update photos taken May 3, 2012

You can watch Hogan's update on youtube CLICK HERE

Holly's Hope is very thankful to all of our generous donors for Hogans care. We wanted to say thank you to everyone for continuing to help this special boy.

Thanks to:

Virginal Rutledge and her 3 fur kids Koko, Bailet and Cader

Phil Reynolds

Jan Archer

Laurie Nicholson who donated in memory of sweet Serenity

Dorothy Tahk

Marj Stoner who donated in memory of Brutus

Terri Baird

Troy Nowe and Ray Legge and their 2 kitties Frida and Paco

Lucie Bourget

June Christie

Hayfa Hameed

Mark and Victoria Buldak in memory of Little One

Linda Bogaret

Crystal Carter

Dr. Beth Gerow and her felines Rhudhi, Nala, Ossem, Morris and Qin Qin

Susan Pike

Kimberly Duke

Sarah Mastey

Shannon C. Puglia

Lauel Meyer

Melissa Ernest

Suzanne Thompson

Karen Williams

Tamara Banks

Elizabeth Butler

Kristina Kauffman

Stephanie Grassia in memory of her beloved cat Nutmeg

Laurie Aliaga in loving memory of Rex

Marie Wisniewski

Jennifer Black

Annalise Newham in loving memory of her pet.

Rohit Patil

Kathryn Wiser

Tim Schule in loving memory of Nicky

Rebecca Skaparas

Kyle Frackman

Jessica Lombardi in loving memory of Goodkitty

Patricia Pinillia in loving memory of Melitta

Amanda D'Avria

Sarah Stuck

Heather Lane Lillis in loving memory of Cat Baby

Glynis Gibson

Anna Zeig

Sanita Jankovska

Julie Donath and her cats Des and Penny

Mary Cornell

Stacy Kitter donated to Hogan in loving memory of her cat Dylan

Jen Cordick

Laura Kennedy donated to Hogan in loving memory of her cat Benson

Shannon Mabee and Joeseph Norton donated to Hogan in loving memory of their cats Sam and Norman